Countdown to Moving Day!

If you read my May 2021 round up, then you know that we are moving at the end of July! About 5 weeks to go and there are a few projects I want to wrap up before moving so I can de-stash some yarn!

Scrappy Hexagon Blanket

First up is this Triangle Hexagon Blanket that I’m knitting with super bulky scraps and some lighter weights held together. I’m nearly done this bad boy so I’m not worried about finishing. Only 7 triangles to go!

There is a border in the original pattern and I haven’t decided if I’ll do the border yet. The only colour I have enough of to do the border all the same is this brown with metallic thread. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Pattern: Triangles Hexagon Blanket from Yarnspirations

Stegosaurus and Plesiosaur

I came across these guys, well at least their parts ;), when I was sorting through my yarn storage determining what I was going to pack and what would be donated. I had totally forgotten about my dinosaur knitting phase. I think the reason I didn’t finish these two is that I didn’t have any filling.

These are from the book Knitted Dinosaurs by Tina Barret, the first knitting book I ever bought. Unfortunately, I packed all of the books already, but the Toronto Public Library has come to the rescue and I was able to borrow a copy so I can finish them up.

Stegosaurus (pink) dates back to 2015 or 2016 and is pretty much complete except for stuffing and seaming.

Plesiosaur (blue) goes back to 2017 and it just missing one fin piece and can then be seamed and stuffed.

I definitely want to get these two finished before we move and then put them in their new home in my office 🙂


I have some cotton hanging around and I am in need of a few washcloths so instead of buying some I’m going to make myself a set.

I’m planning to hold the yarns double to create complimentary washcloths. I got the idea from Kyna’s Washcloth and I plan to base mine off of this pattern, although I imagine the gauge will be different.

This is my lowest priority project, if I don’t get to them by moving day I’ll just bring the yarn with me and knit them later!

Cat toys

When my scrappy blanket is done I’ll still have a bunch of worsted acrylic hanging around that I don’t want to move to our new house. Nothing against acrylic at all, but it’s all in bright colours that aren’t really my style anymore so I don’t have much use for it. And none of them are a full skein.

I’m going to make some catnip filled cat toys to be donated to a cat shelter. This is something I had been doing in the past and never finished…whoops. My mom has a coworker who has a close relationship with a cat shelter and she delivers the toys for me.

I use a free pattern for these fishies and it’s so fun to play with different colours. I might knit some of the mice up this time around as well. I’ll put together a tutorial of how I stuff them with catnip!

If Dora and Garfield are lucky maybe they will get to take a couple for themselves 🙂

This is just my list of knitting related moving tasks…I still have to do all the regular packing and cleaning and moving stuff as well. I better get to work!

Monthly Round UP

May 2021 Round-up (and a life update!)

Hi everyone! It’s been a little while since I posted on the blog. I didn’t have much of an April 2021 round up as I only worked on one project for all of April…if you can believe it! So there wasn’t much to talk about.

But May was a little different and I have a bunch of FOs and WIPs to share with you.

Another reason I skipped April, is because it was a pretty busy month for us because we were house hunting! So we spent our weekends in April attending viewings out of town as the city we’re moving to is about an hour away.

We found the perfect little townhome and we’re moving at the end of July 🙂 We have quite a bit of packing to do of course, and that includes packing up (and de-stashing) some of my yarn. I might write a post about my process of organizing and packing my stash, would you be interested? Let me know in the comments!

Please note some of the links in this blog are to Ravelry, links that direct to Ravelry are noted with “Rav link”.

Finished Objects

Mom’s birthday sweater

Pattern: Pure Comfort Cardigan a FREE pattern from Biscotte Yarns

Yarn: Berroco Vintage DK in Oats

Before getting into the details, I have to say the fact this pattern is free is amazing! I didn’t use Biscotte Pure DK for this project, but I have some of their sock yarn and it’s beautiful so I’m sure the Pure DK is the same.

As the title implies I made this sweater for my mom for her birthday, I knit a lot for mom she’s very knit-worthy! In fact I’ve written a whole post with the projects I’ve knit for her 🙂

This sweater was a little late for mom’s birthday…her birthday is April 20th and she still doesn’t have it yet – but it is finished! This was an enjoyable knit, but oh man did I underestimate how long that applied fisherman’s rib collar would take.

One (heel-less) sock

Pattern: Plain old vanilla with an afterthought heel (check out my afterthought heel post)

Yarn: Pattons Kroy sock yarn

I guess this is technically a WIP as it’s not even a full pair being heel-less and all. But I need to round out the FO section a little LOL!

I’ve got a nice green mini set aside to do the heels and I’m making them shorties. The last pair of shorties I made came out a bit longer than I had wanted, so I’m making this pair even shorter. 80 rounds instead of the 94 rounds I did on my last pair.

You can see that pair of socks here (Rav link).

Works in Progress

Cross stitch

I haven’t been cross stitching lately, but my cross stitch mojo came back this month and I’ve been working away on my Vintage Expresso Machine designed by Happy Sloth Patterns.

There’s also matching vintage coffee grinder and stand mixer patterns, I may need to complete the set!

I have my next two cross stitch patterns lined up and my “to stitch” list is growing recently as my cross stitch motivation has returned so I definitely want to finish this project up soon. I’m aiming to be done by the weekend I just have a little bit more to go.

Here’s a sneak peek of the floss for my next project, any guesses what it is?

Cozy memories blanket

Pattern: The Coziest Memory by Kemper Wray (Rav link)

I don’t write about my cozy memories blanket in every round-up post because this is a long-term WIP. I’ve been working on it since August 2019 and I’m not half-way through yet so I anticipate it’s going to take me until 2023 to finish.

But I reached a pretty big milestone this month: square #100!! 140 squares will be halfway and I expect to make it to that point this year.

Scrappy triangle hexagon blanket

Pattern: Bernat Knit Triangles Hexagon Blanket from Yarnspirations (free pattern alert!)

I’ve been watching Bernadette McLaughlin’s podcast (you should check her out!) and she’s been working on a couple of blankets, well that got me in the mood to knit a blanket.

Of course I don’t want to buy any new yarn until after we move, but I also had the challenge of what to do with all the super bulky bits I have in my stash. I didn’t really want to take them with us, but I also didn’t want them to go to waste.

I was sifting through pattern options when I came across this free pattern from Yarnspirations and it gave me the idea to make it a scrappy blanket with my super bulky left overs and some worsted and bulky weight yarns held together.

The plan is a blanket so hideous it’s cute!

Ripple crop top

Pattern: Ripple Crop Top by Jessie Maed (Rav link)

Yarn: Dragon Hoard Yarn, Velaris; Bar à Tricot, Blue Horizon; Plank & Stella, The Belcher Family

This is a dream project for me and I’m so happy to have finally cast it on! I started with the Plank & Stella yarn and was on the lookout to find two other yarns to make a nice fade.

I just have the back panel and the sleeves to go and I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out. I don’t love the fit of my first Ripple Crop Top (Rav link) because I knit it in a different needle size and knit quite a few sizes up.

I didn’t get gauge for this one either, but it seems to be turning out much better!

I’ve started posting a monthly round-up video on TikTok so if you’re on top of the TikTok trend head over there and follow me to see those videos and more! I am definitely not a TikTok superstar, but I have a lot of fun making videos.

Reads of Steele

Here are the books I’ve been reading/read in May! Links are to Good Reads.

I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness

How to Be Less Stupid About Race: On Racism, White Supremacy, and the Racial Divide – I didn’t finish this one and it had to go back to the library so you’ll probably see it on the Reads of Steele list again!

A Court of Silver Flames – if you’ve seen the recent rise in popularity of the A Court of Thorns and Roses series in the knitting community, you can blame Kate of Red Door Fibre Studio who started reading it and inspired a trend! This is the fifth book in the series and now I’ll have to wait until the next one.


Here’s a quick list of the shows I’m watching right now (or did watch in May). All of them are re-watches as I haven’t been in the mood to start anything new. Although the last time I watched Sailor Moon I was a child so it feels familiar and new at the same time!


Fairy Tail


Schitt’s Creek

Sailor Moon

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