Countdown to Moving Day!

If you read my May 2021 round up, then you know that we are moving at the end of July! About 5 weeks to go and there are a few projects I want to wrap up before moving so I can de-stash some yarn!

Scrappy Hexagon Blanket

First up is this Triangle Hexagon Blanket that I’m knitting with super bulky scraps and some lighter weights held together. I’m nearly done this bad boy so I’m not worried about finishing. Only 7 triangles to go!

There is a border in the original pattern and I haven’t decided if I’ll do the border yet. The only colour I have enough of to do the border all the same is this brown with metallic thread. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Pattern: Triangles Hexagon Blanket from Yarnspirations

Stegosaurus and Plesiosaur

I came across these guys, well at least their parts ;), when I was sorting through my yarn storage determining what I was going to pack and what would be donated. I had totally forgotten about my dinosaur knitting phase. I think the reason I didn’t finish these two is that I didn’t have any filling.

These are from the book Knitted Dinosaurs by Tina Barret, the first knitting book I ever bought. Unfortunately, I packed all of the books already, but the Toronto Public Library has come to the rescue and I was able to borrow a copy so I can finish them up.

Stegosaurus (pink) dates back to 2015 or 2016 and is pretty much complete except for stuffing and seaming.

Plesiosaur (blue) goes back to 2017 and it just missing one fin piece and can then be seamed and stuffed.

I definitely want to get these two finished before we move and then put them in their new home in my office 🙂


I have some cotton hanging around and I am in need of a few washcloths so instead of buying some I’m going to make myself a set.

I’m planning to hold the yarns double to create complimentary washcloths. I got the idea from Kyna’s Washcloth and I plan to base mine off of this pattern, although I imagine the gauge will be different.

This is my lowest priority project, if I don’t get to them by moving day I’ll just bring the yarn with me and knit them later!

Cat toys

When my scrappy blanket is done I’ll still have a bunch of worsted acrylic hanging around that I don’t want to move to our new house. Nothing against acrylic at all, but it’s all in bright colours that aren’t really my style anymore so I don’t have much use for it. And none of them are a full skein.

I’m going to make some catnip filled cat toys to be donated to a cat shelter. This is something I had been doing in the past and never finished…whoops. My mom has a coworker who has a close relationship with a cat shelter and she delivers the toys for me.

I use a free pattern for these fishies and it’s so fun to play with different colours. I might knit some of the mice up this time around as well. I’ll put together a tutorial of how I stuff them with catnip!

If Dora and Garfield are lucky maybe they will get to take a couple for themselves 🙂

This is just my list of knitting related moving tasks…I still have to do all the regular packing and cleaning and moving stuff as well. I better get to work!