July & August 2021 Round-up

Hello friends! I have a knitting double feature for you today. I didn’t post a July knitting blog because we were busy moving, so today I’ll be sharing my FOs and WIPs from July AND August.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of August 2021 and that we’ve been in our new home for a month now. We’ve been settling in, still have some unpacking to do, furniture to acquire and painting to do.

I haven’t fully unpacked my craft and knitting supplies, those are sitting in a box in what will be the guest room/ The box was organized, but as I keep having to dig through it to pull out different yarn and tools it gets messier and messier – LOL. I should have my yarn storage in a couple of weeks.

My new desk 🙂

I’m really excited to finish setting up my office, after working from home for over a year I finally have a dedicated home work space and it has been great! I have my desk all set up, all that’s left is to paint the walls and then hang up my posters and pictures. I’m going to get a cedar chest from my mom that she has in storage so I’ll have a nice place to store my knitwear!

Mr. Garfield likes to come hang out with me ❤

Finished Objects

Twilight Time

Pattern: Twilight Time by The Marvelous Mrs. Maker Designs (Links to Ravelry)

Yarn: MC: Bar à Tricot Blue Skies CC: Dragon Hoard Yarn Valeris

I knit this Twilight Time headscarf with my leftovers from my Ripple Crop Top I had juuuuuust enough of the main colour to make the scarf and have enough for a square in my Coziest Memory blanket.

I really love how this knitting project turned out and it’s a super cute accessory, but oh man did this pattern remind me why I hate to knit lace!! It wasn’t so bad once I got the hang of the repeat, but the first couple were rough.

I’m making a silly face LOL but this is the best picture I have of my Twilight Time 🙂

There’s nothing wrong with the way the pattern is written, it’s very clear, I just don’t enjoy knitting lace! This is a really great project for leftover sock yarn.

I had wanted to knit another one that was a solid colour in the middle, but I think it might take me some time to work up the strength.

Streamline Tank

Pattern: Streamline Tank by Two of Wands

Yarn: KnitPicks Comfy Sport (discontinued) in Lilac Mist

I came across 3 skeins of this yarn while I was packing and considered tossing it in the donation pile, but I decided to take a look and see what I might be able to make with it.

I had been eyeing this pattern from Two of Wands for a while and I was pleased to discover I had just enough to make it. This yarn is sooooo soft and I love the details in the pattern.

I finished just in time to wear it to my step dad’s birthday dinner, and good thing because I had packed all my nice clothes at this point!

I have some KnitPicks CotLin DK that I’ve also been looking to use up – leftovers from my Campside Cardi (Ravelry link) – so I think I may make another one for next Summer.

Notched Hem Tank

Pattern: Notched Hem Tank free from Purl Soho

Yarn: KnitPicks Gloss Fingering in Navy

This is another amazing free pattern! Purl Soho is a great resource for free patterns and they have wonderful knitting tutorials as well – I use them all the time for new techniques or when I need a refresher.

This garment is such a wardrobe staple and is something that can be dressed up or down. I definitely know that I will wear this one a lot!

This was another knitting project that came out of packing and finding some leftover yarn and then taking to the internet to find a use for it! I used KnitPicks Gloss fingering, which is a yarn that I live so it was great to use up a couple leftover skeins.

Works in Progress

Baby Flax

Pattern: Flax by Tin Can Knits

Yarn: Stroll Tweed from KnitPicks in Earl Grey Heather

This is my first baby sized sweater and I just want to squeal every time I look at it. It’s going by really fast this is the 1-2 year size and I think I’m going to do short sleeves so it will be done in no time.

I am loving this soft grey with tweed. Stroll is such a soft yarn I love using it for socks.

The Weekender

Pattern: The Weekender by Andrea Mowry (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Provincial Tweed from KnitPicks in Pumpkin Pie

Another tweed project! I’ve been wanting to make myself a Weekender since I knit one for my mom for Christmas. And I’ve been wanting to knit something in a pumpkin orange for Fall.

This tweed yarn went on sale a little while ago and I knew it was meant to be! Finally I was in the mood to cast on thanks to motivation from Knitty Natty’s Fall MAL (Ravelry link).

This post is a bit of a KnitPicks fest! I get most of my yarn from them as it’s really easy for me to order online and the prices are really affordable, including the shipping costs which can be quite high shipping to Canada.

Reads of Steele

Vampire Academy – I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump lately and I remembered a Tiktok I saw that said the best way to get out of a slump is to re-read a book you enjoyed reading when you were younger. So I picked up the Vampire Academy series, inspired by re-watching the not-so-great movie adaptation.

The Witcher – I’ve been working my way through The Witcher books rather slowly, only about halfway through book 2. But I just started up again and I’m really enjoying it.

Better read fast the loan period for my new library system is only 14 days and I’m used to 21!!

Well that’s what I’ve been up to outside of packing and house stuff! Thanks for reading 🙂 and don’t forget you can keep up with my day-to-day knitting adventures on Instagram.

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