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February 2021 Round Up Knitting Blog

So look, I know February is a short month but February 2021 has absolutely FLOWN by. In this month’s knitting round up blog post I have some new WIPs to share with you, an FO sneak peek and some new yarn.

And as usual I’ll be sharing the books, knitflixes and podcasts I’ve been enjoying.

Works in Progress

Cozy Memories Blanket

I’ve been working on my cozy memories blanket this month and now that it’s bigger I can get a better idea of how many squares I need. And good news it’s 2 less rows across and up than I thought so I’m going from needing 340 squares to 270.

Espresso Cross Stitch

I started cross stitching in the Fall of 2020, but I haven’t done any for the past month or so. I picked up my vintage espresso cross stitch over the weekend and made some progress. I’m hoping if I keep working on it here and there I can finish it up next month and start something new.

With my stitching I’m being more mindful about acquiring new supplies and patterns and only working on one project at a time so it doesn’t get out of hand like my knitting and yarn obsession!

Shag Carpet Shorties

So if you’ve read this blog post, you know how much I love this sock design by Woolfield.

I have been dreaming of hot pink Shag Carpet Shorties since I bought this yarn during the Great Toronto Yarn Hop last summer. This is Artfil Belle in the colour Bubblegum and I’m holding it double to make these socks.

These will be a March FO for sure!

Finished Objects

I am so excited to report that I completed my For Fox Sake sweater in February. I started this sweater back in October 2020.

It is so comfy cozy and I’m really happy with the fit. the sleeves are my favourite part they just fit perfectly! This has become my go-to sweater to pull on for video meetings for work.

I did mess up the colourwork a bit and there are some parts where my floats are too tight and it’s pulling…to be honest it does bother me a little, but I don’t think it’s really noticeable. And for my first time doing stranded colourwork with more than two colours I think it turned out really well.

I used Berroco Vintage DK for this sweater which is an acrylic and wool blend and I will definitely use this yarn again. It is so soft and comfortable to wear and it was nice to work with.

I also finished a new design this month! This cute headband is perfect for scraps of DK weight yarn. This will be a free pdf download in March through Ravelry so make sure you keep an eye out on Instagram for information about that release.

Upcoming Knits of Steele Pattern Releases

Brigand comes out on Friday February 26th on Ravelry. There will be a discount code for release so make sure you follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss it.

This is a super fun colourwork knit and it’s great for beginner knitters as a first colourwork project! I’m going to be posting a blog with tips for knitting colourwork the first week of March.

New Yarn

I have two new skeins of yarn this month, and this might be it for a while (other than maybe one more order).

I was worried about running out of yarn for my Shag Carpet Shorties so I ordered another skein of Artfil Belle in Bubblegum and I needed one more colour for a project.

So I picked up these two skeins of yarn from The Knitting Loft and my picked up I mean ordered online and had them delivered LOL

I won’t need any more Bubblegum for my socks, or if I do it will just be the tiniest bit, so this skein of Bubblegum is going to go on to become a pair of colourwork socks with some other Artfil Belle that I have on hand.

And here is the complete fade I’ve put together for my faded Ripple Crop Top that I am planning to knit in the next couple months. More on this project and these yarns to come!

Reads of Steele and Knitflix

Spinning Silver

I enjoyed this book for the most part, it took me much longer to read than I expected it to. I was really into the story at the beginning, for the first half I’d say then I struggled with staying engaged in the middle until right towards the end it grabbed my interest again.


I was reading this book in January, but I had to return it to the library before I could finish it. I only got about a third of the way through. I’m nearly done now and will have it finished by the end of February.

This book takes place in the same universe as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Buffyverse as fans call it, and I really enjoy it for that reason the little Easter eggs and crossovers to the main series are so fun!

Lord of the Rings trilogy

Over the course of February Matt and I have been working our way through the Lord of the Rings movies, for the hundreth time they are a favourite in our household.

This re-watch is giving me so much knitting inspiration, there are so many beautiful textiles and patterns in the costumes. I had a brief moment of trying to do a fancy braided hairstyle, but it quickly ended in a huge mess of tangles so I’ll stick to keeping my Lord of the Rings style appreciation in my knitting.

And in social media news I posted my first Instagram Reel! And my first Tiktok. I had wanted to try the reels feature for a while, but Instagram just kept giving me error messages. Well I recently got a new phone so I gave it another try and it worked. I’m really excited to try out these new channels to share my knitting adventures and some helpful tips and tricks for you all as well.

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